White Spy from the Spin Off MAD was loosely based on White Spy. He belongs to Spy vs Spy who appears in 103 episodes so far. HE need to take rivals with Black Spy. His Birthday is slightly known in an episode when he had a birthday but the year he is born is sometimes (circa late198th decade or early199th).

Early design of White Spy (Cartoon Network)

First Appearance: Avaturd/CSiCarly (2010)

Latest Appearance:

Alfred's Game / We Are X-Men (2013;TV series)

MAD: Casebook of Craziness (2014;book)

Later design of White Spy (Cartoon Network)

Difference than White Spy Edit

Cartoon Network Edit

  • Debuted in September 6 2010
  • Latest episode in December 2 2013
  • Four Fingers instead of 5
  • No pubils
  • Shorter
  • Win 50 segments
  • Different laugh
  • White Hair

Main Series Edit

  • Debutes in January 1 1961
  • Latest was in the latest issue
  • Five Fingse
  • Has pubils
  • Taller
  • Redesign 2 times so far
  • Currently the 3rd Generation
  • Black Hair