We need some administrators to try and get more people on the wiki. After being on here for a while now. I've started building a wiki and a personal blog. With that in mind, I want new users to read my stuff, and then to write their other stuff. So, make one page, make 50 edits around the wiki, and leave a comment on this page with a link to your username, and we will make you an admin!


If you want to become an editor, you first have to buy MAD magazine at a store. After doing that acouple of times, buy the subscription by calling 1-800-4-MAD or by going online at After you get to know MAD, find some books that have older MAD articles and make group pages. This can have any title you choose, and you can create as many as you want.

Thank You For Wasting Your Time With Us!

Once you get these simple requirements down, I will make you an admin. This also counts for anybody that I know. I make no exceptions. No matter what anybody says. Not even so-called kin/bullies on my dad's side!

(For some of them, I was kidding about being kin. Pay them no respect...)

UPDATE: We also have Wikia Labs here, so anyone that wants to be able to view that page can become an admin easily. But, we do need admins. Also, if you decide to become one, then you'd better not abuse your powers.