The Dig

MAD is a satire magazine. that's what this wiki is about. But, did you know that I'm starting a library of MAD magazines? I have a complete archive of #506, 507 and 508. Actually, two number 507s. Remember that the archive also has a special edition of Spy vs. Spy. And,better yet we're making it even bigger! Remember, we have been getting issues just so that we can put their info online. Although, some info is restricted so we can't out it online.


If you are a fan of MAD Magazine, go out and buy a subscruiption or just go and get it at a local bookstore. Barnes & Noble does not carry MAD, so don't go there. 508 is out, and it's the Justin Bieber issue. If you are ready to start crashing on Justin Bieber, go and get that magazine. Also, keep editing here. If you have any comments, go to the bottom of this page so that we can see what everyone else knows about the magazine. We're not afraid of what the celebrities think, but the celebrities should be afraid of what MAD says, because MAD usually ends up getting more people on their side because they make a joke out of the celebrities.


After reading this magazine. you will want more! I recommend getting MAD so that it is satrirized for your protection. Ready to get more? Hwere's another warning: aftyer reading one of the MAD books, you will be left behind wanting more. You will just have to wait for more to come out. Are you dying to see what past issues were about? Come here to see some of them, or go to Please be aware that we are not responsible for anything that other people repeat after reading the magazine. We may believe that people who repeat anything in the magazine may have the MAD trance. DO NOT go near them. You will catch the trance and start repeating the same things over and over.

Thank You!

I would like to have everyone know that the community depends on editors working hard on this blog and the admins joining forces tp keep off vandalism. Thanks to our community. I'm the founder of this wiki, so now everyonecan know who started it! I'm in the MAD trance right now as a matter of fact.......