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  • 17morgm

    Top 10 Lists

    March 14, 2011 by 17morgm

    We're trying to set up a place after Wikia Labs has been built. This will be a fan fiction place that will be connected to this wiki...

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  • 17morgm

    Wikia Labs

    March 10, 2011 by 17morgm

    I've been posting here for a while now. But, I would like to introduce everyone here to my newest feature, Wikia Labs. As my way of doing things, I like to test out every single new feature that comes out on this wiki. I would like everyone to know that for however long it takes to get some admins who are truly dedicated to working on the wiki, the offer will still be up. We will only allow five admins to be put on the wiki.

    Every feature that is on Wikia Labs is enabled on this wiki. This includes comments made by other users, like on the staff blog. We have comments, top 10 lists, Category Exhibition enabled through Wikia Labs. Note that this is our first add-on.

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  • 17morgm

    Opening Spaces

    March 3, 2011 by 17morgm

    We need some administrators to try and get more people on the wiki. After being on here for a while now. I've started building a wiki and a personal blog. With that in mind, I want new users to read my stuff, and then to write their other stuff. So, make one page, make 50 edits around the wiki, and leave a comment on this page with a link to your username, and we will make you an admin!

    If you want to become an editor, you first have to buy MAD magazine at a store. After doing that acouple of times, buy the subscription by calling 1-800-4-MAD or by going online at After you get to know MAD, find some books that have older MAD articles and make group pages. This can have any title you choose, and you can create as man…

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  • 17morgm
    1. They advertise too much. (I'd bet you that some radio station somewhere in the US is advertising Subway.
    2. Every time you walk in the door you here the "HI, WELCOME TO SUBWAY!!!!"
    3. They say their food is fresh, and I'd bet that they also say that you could eat off their "clean" floors in their bathrooms and not get sick.
    4. I'd bet that they want all your money, so they're rule is "Thall shall have obesity, not your own money."

    I just did a Findalini article, didn't I? Well I have to go. But, you shouldn't go to Subway, just because they advertise telling you to go.



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  • 17morgm

    MAD Number 508

    February 22, 2011 by 17morgm

    MAD is a satire magazine. that's what this wiki is about. But, did you know that I'm starting a library of MAD magazines? I have a complete archive of #506, 507 and 508. Actually, two number 507s. Remember that the archive also has a special edition of Spy vs. Spy. And,better yet we're making it even bigger! Remember, we have been getting issues just so that we can put their info online. Although, some info is restricted so we can't out it online.

    If you are a fan of MAD Magazine, go out and buy a subscruiption or just go and get it at a local bookstore. Barnes & Noble does not carry MAD, so don't go there. 508 is out, and it's the Justin Bieber issue. If you are ready to start crashing on Justin Bieber, go and get that magazine. Also, keep…

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