The Strip Club began in July 2005 and is still publishing today. The Strip Club includes comics such as It Only Hurts When I Laugh, Father O' Flannity's Hot Tub Confessions and Fantabulaman.


In the Strip Club, the comic you always see is Father O' Flannity's Hot Tub Confessions. It is one of the most popular comic strip in MAD magazine. Other popular comics such as The Machine That travels Through Time, WTF, Jeff? or My Room-Mate Might Be a Serial Killer, It Only Hurts When I Laug, Just Below The Surface, Brown Bear and Me, Myself and My Puppet.


There is many artists in The Strip Club such as John Kovaleski (Me, Myself and My Puppet), Brain Gordon (Rods and Cones), Christopher Baldwin (It Only Hurts When I Laugh) and Noah Van Sciver (Brown Bear)