I pocketed some money to save for my MAD subscription. Wow what a jerk. Why would you do that. I recommend that if you want to know stuff, start now. Also, please make contributions. That's what keeps us alive.

MAD # 506Edit

The page has been created! We finally have comments, picks, and we list the departments. In the pursuit of popularity, we follow Alfred E. Neuman on his adventures of stupidity. Our #1 pick for you to read is the Fundalini Pages. Also, on Cartoon Network, the Glee-tarded section has been turned into a skit on the TV show MAD.

Would you like to enjoy more of the MADness? Buy the magazine when it comes out, OR buy a subscription. The subscription is lower in pricing when you get the subscription instead of buying it at the store. Also, MAD the TV show has new ones coming out at 9:30 PM on thursdays and reruns on Mondays at 8:30. Also, I'll be buying the subscription soon!

Info BuildersEdit

Builders are people that are able to consolidate info on this wiki. This part of this page is our part for the nightly info builds. These builds are when our wiki becomes too off-track and gets too many un-organized pages. We build these pages up, and then get other things added on. Our other part when this nightly build is done will be to have Nightly Creators. The party going on here will be held until Thursday, December 9, 2010. We'll have the page ready for sign up soon.

I'd like to thank...Edit

Wikia for their wonderful hosting, our editors for helping us, and our nightly builders that will soon be here. Thanks to everyone who reads the pages on this wiki, making it even more popular than it was before.

Not Logged-InEdit

I was that Wikia Contributer those couple of times. Sorry about that. Wikia doesn't have programming skills enough to NOT LOG A USER OUT!!! This is the same thing with many other wikis, so don't be surprised if that happens to you


We have been experiencing problems with our article count. Not to worry. If you come across something that you know about, create the page if it's not there! Also, we've really done some hardcore work on the wiki design.