This is the Justin Bieber issue. Uh, Google Chrome is saying that the name "Bieber" isn't a real name. Thank God, because Justin Bieber might be under a fake ID. I put "Bieber" down four times in this and I've got red blotches in the editing window everywhere!


  • It's The List We Can Do Dpt.
  • Letters And Tomatoes Dpt.
  • Random Acts Of Mindless Dpt.
  • The Silence Of The Ham Dpt.
  • It's An Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad world Dpt.
  • What's Up, Docs Dpt.
  • Mind Over Bladder Dpt.
  • There Will Be Blood Libel Dpt.
  • Serge-In General Dpt.
  • Joke And Dagger Dpt.
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Dpt.
  • The More Things Change, The More Things Lame Dpt.
  • Sensor And Sensibility Dpt.
  • A Real S.O.B Story Dpt.
  • Pen And Stink Dpt.
  • Workers' Condescension Dpt.
  • Rall Of Fame Dpt.
  • Assial To The Chief Dpt.
  • Hair Apparent Dpt.
  • Marginal Thinking Dpt.

Our PicksEdit

Findalini Pages, Chia Bieber Pets, Book Excerpt From Justin Bieber, Undercover Boob, and finally, Joke And Dagger Dpt.