MAD #507 has tons of stuff packed into the 20 dumbest, plus some other outside articles. We want to thank our contributers for helping us. We now have 8 pages! Also, we're working on updating our site to meet our needs! MAD #508 is on sale on February 22, 2011. Happy new year!


  • It's The List We Can Do Dpt.
  • Letters And Tomatoes Dpt.
  • Random Acts Of Mindless Dpt.
  • Pop Goes The Weasleys Dpt.
  • I Pity The Gruel Dpt.
  • Joke And Dagger Dpt.
  • The MAD 20 Dpt.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ (Spy VS. Spy 50th Anniverersary Calender)
  • Serge-In General Dpt.
  • Insects Education Dpt.
  • The Jiggle's Up Dpt.
  • Drawn Out Dramas By Sergio Aragones

Our Picks:Edit

  • The MAD 20
  • The Fundalini Pages