Here's To Our First Issue Description!Edit

Our first issue, with MAD coming right up. We need editors! To build up on our info, we need pages to build up over time. I would like to tell you guys that I can't wait to have a giant wiki. Remember, it's you guys that make it the best wiki it can be. I'm just the founder.


Let's start off with the basic departments that make up MAD: Issue #506.

  • It's The List We Can Do Dpt.
  • Letters & Tomatoes Dpt.
  • Random Acts Of Mindless Dpt.
  • High School Snooz-icle Dpt.
  • Serg-In General Dpt.
  • So You Think You Can Rant Dpt.
  • Spare Change You Can Believe In Dpt.
  • The Beast And The Brightest Dpt.
  • A Crass Roots Movements Dpt.
  • Move In Violation Dpt.
  • Case Clothes Dpt.
  • Kindle In The Wind Dpt.
  • Omission Accomplished Dpt.
  • Grint And Bear It Dpt.
  • Joke And Dagger Dpt.
  • Bargain De-Basement Dpt.
  • Pen & Stink Dpt.
  • Surely, You Quest Dpt.
  • The Articles Formerly Known As Reprints Dpt.
  • Oil You Can Eat Dpt.

MAD Ad ParodiesEdit

Including Dead Lobster, Rosetta Stone Mel Gibson Domestic Abuse Edition and one more to inappropriate for this wiki.

Articles To Check Out:Edit

The Fundalini Pages, Spy vs. Spy, Dead Lobster.