MAD Books: What Are They About?Edit

If you actually look, MAD books have different spoofs and other things that could one day have spoofs from stuff like MAD Number 507 or MAD Number 506. Both of these issues I still have, and they're hilarious! I would keep every issue if I were you. Just keep them in a stack somewhere. Also, I would also buy some MAD books like Sergio Aragones' new book for the marginals that he creates. Here's some of the books I have.

MAD About The DecadesEdit

It has some of the comics that founder William M. Gaines of MAD had created himself. Like Lone Ranger, and other spoofs. As seen on the Cartoon Network show in MAD Season 1, Star Blecch has been around for years. You can just tell that the TV show is re-using stuff from the magazine. As a matter of fact, MAD Season 2 is coming on February 8, 2011. Otherwise, I'd just get on with it. Remember, Barnes and Noble has created fiasco by not selling MAD Magazine or any of the books. And,t his fiasco is called, The Jaundiced Eye!

MAD Bathroom Companion: The Mother Load!Edit

This is all the bathroom companions in one book. The books are supposed to be read in one sitting in the bathroom when you are sitting on the toilet, but you might want to read this one somewhere else. This book cannot be read in one sitting, because it's just to large (unless you want to lay down for a while and read the whole thing). I find the pictures on the cover of each book extremely funny.

Spy vs Spy Trilogy Edit

  • Spy vs Spy 1 (1965)
  • Spy vs Spy 2 (?)
  • Spy vs Spy 3 (1972)
  • Spy vs Spy 4 (?)
  • Spy vs Spy 5
  • Spy vs Spy 6
  • Spy vs Spy 7
  • Spy vs Spy 8
  • Spy vs Spy Mission of Madness (1974)
  • Mission of Madness 2 (1974)
  • Mission of Madness 3 (1974)

Spin Off Edit

  • Amazing Stupity MAD (2013)
  • Black and White Opp (2013)


These are the books I have, but there are many more you can still buy. There are other examples like "MAD About Star Wars" and other books. I found these all from That's all for today, folks!